• This game is under the Historical genre.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Hysterics AllGMSat, 30 JanMon, 20 Aug 20181
Anakis Qinn 01Human OracleNeverNever0
Angelica de Voss 01Fashion DesignerNeverNever0
Anput 0Black DogNeverNever0
Arielle Hendricks 01Latin PercussionistNeverNever0
Arielle Runesbane 01Curse BreakerNeverNever0
Asia Simpson 01Australian DJNeverNever0
Axel Pearson 01Urban ArchitectNeverNever0
Azura Kaane 01Angel of LifeNeverNever0
Celine Delacroix 01DADA ProfessorNeverNever0
Charity MacRae 01RPG GamerNeverNever0
Claire Montague 01Druid WitchNeverNever0
Delilah Ravenswood 01Earth ElementalNeverNever0
Desiree Hightower 01Quodpot ProdigeNeverNever0
Gabrielle Ravenswood 01Hogwarts ProfessorNeverNever0
GhostGirl 01Online PersonaNeverNever0
Isabelle Blake 01SA Retired OfficerNeverNever0
Jonathan Adaire 01Security MuscleNeverNever0
Kailani Hale 01Drug HeiressNeverNever0
Kane Pierce 01Personal TrainerNeverNever0
Lilith Faust 01VampireNeverNever0
Maia Bahari 01Hrenyan PrincessNeverNever0
Mari'elle de Faust 01Forest FaeNeverNever0
Mayzekyn Paeris 01Elvish Animal TamerNeverNever0
Melanie Beckford 01Outbreak SurvivorNeverNever0
Nakira 01Nine-Tailed FoxNeverNever0
Nani Mykonos 01Cougar ShifterNeverNever0
Nani Sen Trovyen 01Captive HumanNeverNever0
Norah Coleridge 01Animal ShapeshifterNeverNever0
Nova Carin 01WyrnielNeverNever0
Paillette Cheyenne 01Glitter BitchNeverNever0
Proto-Danae 251 01AI Sex RobotNeverNever0
Raven de Lora 01Tattoo ArtistNeverNever0
Reva Marin 01Cyborg RefugeeNeverNever0
Roxanne Ashwood 01Animal PhotographerNeverNever0
Tarryn Moore 01Genius SurgeonNeverNever0
Tova Blackthorn 01Half-DwarfNeverNever0
Vanessa Olson 01Relationship BloggerNeverNever0
Vivian Sun 01Monkey King's ChildNeverNever0
Vyolette Faust 01Airship PilotNeverNever0