• This game is under the Apocalyptic, Horror & Survival genres.
  • The game system is Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.
  • This game contains adult content.
Character Logon Information
The Apocalypse AllGMTodayYesterday251
Andrew Baines 01playerWed, 20 Mar 2019Mon, 25 Feb 201918
Andrew Taylor 01playerTodayTue, 14 Jul13
B.J. Walker 01playerTodayToday11
George Simmons 01playerTodayThu, 09 Jul89
Janet Green 01playerTodayTue, 14 Jul20
Jessica Bell 01playerTodayTue, 14 Jul20
Lawrence North 01playerMon, 06 JulWed, 24 Jun16
Richard Carlisle 01playerTodayTue, 14 Jul30
Rodrigo Duma 01playerTodayTue, 14 Jul67
Steve Canyon 01playerTodayTue, 14 Jul61
T. Nolan Thorne 01playerSat, 25 JanTue, 07 Jan8
Christina Simmons 1NPCTodayNever0
Jezebel Rivera 01NPCTodayTue, 07 Jan2
Rebecca Favreau 1NPCTodayNever0
Scott Dubroc 1NPCTodayNever0
Vanessa Favreau 1NPCTodayNever0