• This game is under the Contemporary genre.
  • The game system is Free-form.
Character Logon Information
The Librarian AllGMTue, 16 MarFri, 26 Feb46
Benjamin Wolfe 0Natural MagicianNeverNever0
Edwin Cartwrighte 0Nervous VampireNeverNever0
Elliot Halloway 0WriterNeverNever0
Elliot LaChance 0Stage MagicianNeverNever0
Elliot St. Clair 0Lion ShifterNeverNever0
Gabriel Wilkes 0Half-DemonNeverNever0
Gideon Fitzwater 0EnchanterNeverNever0
Jackson Whitlock 0Young WizardNeverNever0
Lucius Fleming 0Physical - 3rd YearNeverNever0
Matthias Dempsey 0Physical - 2nd YearNeverNever0
Matthias Maddox 0Edge WitchNeverNever0
Nathaniel Ballard 0VampireNeverNever0
Nicholas Tenbrook 0Smart WizardNeverNever0
Noah Blackwell 0M-I MagicianNeverNever0
Sebastian Puck 0Natural - 2nd YearNeverNever0
Thomas Kinney 0The BotanistNeverNever0
Zane Salazar 0Illusion MagicianNeverNever0