• This game is under the Fantasy, Supernatural & Action/Adventure genres.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Magnate AllGMTodayWed, 26 May16
Overseer AllGMTodaySat, 31 Jul210
Sentinel AllGMTodayTue, 27 Oct 20208
Adrien Trintignant 01EnchantedYesterdayYesterday16
Analeigh Fitzroy 01EchowolfSat, 24 JulSat, 15 May157
Archer Ashby 01VampireTodayToday116
Axel Arathorn 01ArchangelYesterdaySun, 01 Aug69
Bianca Maddox 01Light WitchSat, 24 JulTue, 10 Nov 202050
Conrad Steinmetz 01WendigoTodayToday92
Daniel Constan 01FaeSat, 03 JulMon, 21 Jun174
Edward Dixon 01True DreamerTodayToday142
Emberlyn Crowley 01ShadowmancerMon, 05 JulMon, 28 Jun270
Goldfang Hunters 01HunterTodayTue, 03 Aug104
Isaias Deveraux 01VampireTodayMon, 02 Aug28
Jaclyn Tallows 01Jekyll-Hyde SyndromeTodayMon, 02 Aug83
Johnny Lovato 01LycanTodayWed, 02 Jun8
Oscar Ashby 01DemonkinTodayYesterday108
Raynard Shaw 01CursedWed, 26 MayWed, 26 May47
Reinette Poisson 01VampireYesterdayMon, 28 Jun19
Zelda Colette 01MagicianFri, 25 JunWed, 23 Jun57
Alianna Lecray 01NPCTodaySat, 11 Apr 20201
Donte Marloe 01NPCTodayThu, 20 May35
Ezekiel Graves 01NPCTodayThu, 15 Aug 20195
Gideon Duval 01NPCTodaySat, 31 Jul3
Harlan Noble 01NPCTue, 15 Sep 2020Fri, 14 Aug 202049
Justus Veridian 01NPCTodayMon, 26 Apr10
Silvius Draven 01NPCTodayTue, 16 Mar27
Zane Guidry 01NPCTue, 15 Sep 2020Fri, 28 Aug 20204