• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Pathfinder 1E Gestalt Mythic.
Character Logon Information
GM StarMaster AllGMTodayYesterday56
Chess ala'riina Nasadra 0playerTodayToday31
Hardcore Jimmy 0playerTodayToday4
Hsang Li Tsung 0playerTodayYesterday17
Ki'nae Bashemath 0playerYesterdayYesterday25
Kurat 0playerTodayToday32
Lucien Soulban 0playerTodayToday39
Ozrus Wither 0playerTodayYesterday26
Trickster 0playerTodayYesterday25
Tyrol Halverschlagen 0playerYesterdayYesterday15
Vashon the Vigilant 0playerTodayTue, 20 Oct12
Vogh Kath 0playerTodayToday19
_Hogan 0playerYesterdayNever0
Aniyu 0NPCTodayYesterday35
Darkwood Aravis UNPCTodayThu, 08 Oct2
Jarvis Martel 0NPCTodayWed, 07 Oct5
Tamara Deigh 0NPCTodayWed, 07 Oct3