• This game is under the Supernatural genre.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
Character Logon Information
Albatross AllGMTodayYesterday238
Shearwater AllGMYesterdayTue, 08 Jun34
Alana Thorn 01Looks HumanFri, 18 JunFri, 18 Jun333
Alexandru Manolescu 01Looks HumanYesterdayYesterday5
Benduin 01Looks HumanYesterdayThu, 17 Jun176
Caitriona Walsh 01Looks HumanYesterdayFri, 18 Jun129
Francis Martin 01Looks HumanYesterdayYesterday39
Ignatius Brandt 01Looks HumanYesterdaySat, 19 Jun180
Jade Langley 01Looks HumanTodaySat, 19 Jun422
Kalina Varga 01Looks HumanYesterdayFri, 18 Jun22
Kyle Woldens 01Looks HumanTodayFri, 18 Jun59
Lucien Cole 01Looks HumanTodayMon, 14 Jun303
Magnus Williams 01Looks HumanYesterdayTue, 15 Jun121
Marcus Jacobi 01Looks HumanYesterdayYesterday384
Naomi White 01Looks HumanTue, 04 MayTue, 04 May123
Sigrid Sagadottir 01Looks HumanYesterdayYesterday422
Skye Campa 01Looks HumanSat, 19 JunWed, 16 Jun125
Anansi 01NPCYesterdayThu, 03 Jun1
Brandon Everest 01NPCTodayFri, 18 Jun21
Fafnir 01NPCTodayYesterday75
Izzy Kidding 01NPCTodaySun, 18 Apr5
Tamsin Deadskull 01NPCTodayWed, 09 Jun2
The Clock Keeper 01UNPCTodayFri, 08 Jan8