• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Historical genres.
  • The game system is Ars Magica.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Alpha SG AllGMYesterdayYesterday380
Beta-SG The Aerie AllGMTodayTue, 13 Apr15
Player 2 0editorSat, 17 AprSun, 11 Apr44
Player 3 0editorTodaySun, 28 Feb24
Player 4 0editorTodayTue, 13 Apr174
Player 6 0editorTodaySat, 10 Apr92
Player 7 0editorTodayYesterday34
Player 8 0editorTodaySat, 10 Apr57
Player 9 0editorFri, 16 AprTue, 16 Mar91
Player 10 0editorTodayTue, 30 Mar39
Player 11 0editorTodayTue, 23 Mar15
Player 12 0editorTodayWed, 31 Mar39
Player 13 0editorTodayTue, 13 Apr157
Player 14 0editorTodayWed, 31 Mar42
Player 15 0editorTodayWed, 14 Apr67
Player 16 0editorTodayYesterday39
Player 17 0editorYesterdayTue, 30 Mar49
Abbas 0HGrogTodayNever0
Ali, the Merchant 0MGrogTodayMon, 12 Apr17
Amina 0BGrogNeverNever0
Andre ex Miscellanea 0TMagusYesterdayMon, 12 Apr61
Appolonius of Flambeau 0HMagusTodayToday55
Arnaldo ex Criamon 0MMagusTodayThu, 15 Apr98
Asim Alsiqli 0RGrogFri, 16 AprNever0
Baqir Al-Andalus 0BMagusTodayWed, 14 Apr35
Battal 0Animal CompanionYesterdayNever0
Benedict ex Mercere 0DLCompanionTodayFri, 02 Apr21
Brontion ex Guernicus 0BMagusTodayToday187
Bruno 0MGrogTodayNever0
Corvus ex Bjornaer 0HMagusTodayToday55
Cosmaele Bestagno 0GrogTodayNever0
Esurio 0Animal CompanionNeverNever0
Fabian 0HGrogTodayNever0
Galeoto di Auria 0CompanionTodayNever0
Giovanni of Mercere 0DRCompanionTodaySat, 03 Apr38
Guenter the Hunter 0CompanionTodayNever0
Hazm al-Jayyani 0BGrogTodayNever0
Iapetus of Rennes, Magus of Tytalus 0RMagusTodayThu, 15 Apr64
Ionnes the Mason 0HGrogTodayNever0
Izara 0BGrogTodayNever0
Jaegar of Merinita 0MMagusTodaySat, 03 Apr111
Jager, the wolf-hunter 0MCompanionTodayMon, 01 Mar1
Javan 0LCompanionYesterdayThu, 15 Apr24
Judit 0GrogTodayNever0
Kahina of the Tuareg 0BCompanionTodayWed, 10 Mar1
Kelemen Ronol 0TCompanionTodayThu, 08 Apr19
Klaudios Bonisagi 0RMagusSat, 17 AprThu, 15 Apr44
Koray 0GrogYesterdayNever0
Leander ex Flambeau 0TMagusYesterdaySat, 17 Apr90
Longinus ex Merinita 0HMagusTodaySun, 18 Apr123
Lurker 0playerTodayNever0
Maajid el-Sylla 0HGrogTodayTue, 02 Mar1
Macrinus ex Tytalus 0MMagusTodayMon, 12 Apr78
Malik ex Verditius 0LMagusTodayThu, 15 Apr88
Malleo ex Verditius 0RMagusFri, 16 AprSat, 03 Apr61
Marco Caboto 0LCompanionYesterdaySat, 17 Apr11
Marius Lazarescu 0LCompanionSat, 27 MarSun, 21 Mar23
Mordechai Benvenisti 0MGrogTodayMon, 01 Mar2
Obrad 0GrogTodayNever0
Qais el-Sarwar 0DMCompanionTodayTue, 30 Mar62
Ramon the Autocrat 0HGrogTodayNever0
Rashid al-Muhira 0BGrogNeverNever0
Rosella the Healer 0GrogTodayNever0
Salma ex Miscellanea 0HMagaTodayWed, 31 Mar169
Sigmund 0HGrogTodayNever0
Sirena 0LGrogYesterdayThu, 01 Apr2
Slav, the Scribe 0MGrogTodayNever0
Tallak Thorstennson 0DRCompanionFri, 16 AprWed, 17 Mar21
Tello of Mercere 0DRCompanionTodayThu, 11 Mar4
Vespera of Tremere 0LMagusTodayYesterday94
Warmaksan El Siwi 0BGrogTodayNever0
Yasira 0BGrogNeverNever0
Zaehid the Shield Grog 0HGrogTodayNever0
Zahir, the Smith 0BCompanionTodayMon, 05 Apr17
Zahrah min bayt Miscellanea 0BMagaSat, 10 AprWed, 31 Mar79
Zandra 0GrogYesterdayNever0
Zulia 0MGrogTodayNever0