• This game is under the Supernatural, Horror & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Changeling: The Lost 2E.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Moirai AllGMTodayToday163
Aden Walsh 01PlayerTodayToday51
Angel 01PlayerTodayYesterday29
Gabrielle Harris 01PlayerTodayYesterday31
Mr. Grave 01PlayerSat, 27 NovWed, 24 Nov28
Robert Giacinto 01PlayerTodayToday39
Sonya 'Sunny' Bauer 01PlayerTodayYesterday21
Amanda Kalnajs 01NPCTodayYesterday15
Bimriag 1NPCTodayNever0
Cecily Stark 01NPC (EX-PC) Sat, 16 OctMon, 11 Oct6
Charity Lefevre 01NPCTodayTue, 30 Nov3
Charles McCray 0NPCTodayNever0
Chase Miller 01NPCTodayNever0
Christian Grunewald 01NPCTodayNever0
Ciara Riley 01NPCTodayNever0
Crystal 0NPCTodayNever0
Donna Anderson 0NPCTodayNever0
Emily Goldman-Vaughn 01NPCTodayThu, 16 Sep2
Glitterglib 0NPCTodayNever0
Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Hannity 01NPCTodayNever0
Isabelle Goldman-Vaughn 01NPC (Ex-PC)Thu, 14 OctWed, 06 Oct16
Jack Holly 01NPC (Ex-PC) Mon, 01 NovSat, 23 Oct20
Jocelyn Wright 01NPCTodayNever0
Kingston 01NPCTodayNever0
Kyree Wellington 01NPCTodayNever0
Laura Stern 01NPCTodayNever0
Lenore Bellvue 01NPCTodayNever0
Marlin Brown 01NPCTodayMon, 20 Sep1
Rugrikt 1NPCTodayNever0
Sharyn Kress 01NPCTodayNever0
Shelley Macintosh 01NPCTodayFri, 17 Sep2
Sorcha 01NPCTodayFri, 22 Oct4
The Alderking 0NPCTodayNever0
The Bonecarver 01NPCTodayNever0
Vorq 0NPCTodayNever0
Zephyra the Mystic 01NPCTodayNever0
Zrakt 1NPCTodayNever0