Name:  Hangar son of Juin son of Lacel son of Laud
Age: 164 (Equivalent of human age 26)
Height: 8'6
Weight:  482
Eyes:  Brown
Hair:  Black

Personality: While Friendly like most Ogier Hangar does however not stand for the abuse of others, either physically, psychologically, or economically, and will always try to find a way to help them.

Appearance: While not quite as tall as some Ogier Hangar still towers over any human, and unlike most Ogier who are relatively thin and light for their size Hangar has the shape of a blacksmith.  Wider than any two men standing shoulder to shoulder Hangar has to take each human sized doorway very carefully and often bumps into at least one side of hallways and stairs even if they are tall enough for him to move through while standing at his full height.  Black hair cascades from Hangar's head, bushy eyebrows and even ear tufts.  A well kept full beard rounds out the hair circle that enshrouds his face, along with an absurdly large all weather cloak and hood it is very likely that none of his facial features are visible when he wears the hood up.