kail Asoryn
Kail Asoryn stands 5'10" tall and has a slender but muscular build that speaks of many years of hard work and exercise.  He moves with a deadly grace and precision that speaks volumes on the quality of his training.  His tanned coppery complexion is yet unscarred so he must be doing something right.  His black hair is short and oiled as is his moustache.  He wears traditional Domani clothes, well made of wool suggesting he is either from wealth or a merchant.  He wears a short coat and breeches that are a muted green with silver slashes on the arms.  Over his coat he wears black armor with his crest worked on the chest.  The only weapon that you can see is an ornate sword and scabbard with the house crest, a raven in flight with three arrows in its beak, worked on the leather in silver with emerald jewels.

He was born to a minor noble family in Arad Doman.  He is the youngest of three brothers in his family and followed the family tradition.  The oldest inherits the House, and the youngest goes to the White Tower to train to be a warder.  He has been in training since he was able to hold a practice sword.  Since the age of 5 he has trained under the best armsmen that his father could find.  When he was  a youth still in training he remembered watching as a woman of the Tower took young girls to the Tower for training.  His father watched with him and told him "One day you will be called upon to protect them, with your life if necessary.  Do our family proud."  At the age of 16 he began his training at the tower.  It made his past training seem easy, but he knew that he could be the best.  He never forgot his fathers words to him and every day pushed himself to bring honor to his house.  Until his fathers death he trained but was not selected as a Warder, and was given leave from his training to attend his fathers burial and the succession of his brother to the throne.  He now travels to Tar Valon to continue his training.