Jennor Elan
Jennor Elan is 20 years old, stands 5 ft. 11 in. tall and weighs about 170 lbs.  He has a muscular, athletic build.  He has dark green eyes and auburn hair with a trimmed mustache.  His olive complexion has a slight tan from his time outdoors.  Jennor as a few scars on his arms from his youthful dueling days in Ebou Dar.

Jennor followed in his father's footsteps (Lord Brevin Gaidin) by going to the White Tower at the age of 14 to be trained.  He spent nearly 6 years as a Warder-in-training, learning a variety of skills from some of the best swordsmen in the Westlands.  Jennor's mother (Lerelle Sedai) is also Ebou Dari and a Sister of the Green Ajah.

Jennor's proud stride displays his confidence in his abilities and training.  However he does not let his confidence turn into boasting but instead maintains a jovial personality.  But in a fight, Jennor gets very serious and the hard edge within him shows clearly through his steely determined gaze.

Jennor wears the ancestral Power wrought Warder's Sword of House Elan in a sheath on his left side and a bejeweled Ebou Dari dueling dagger on his right hip .  He wears a signet ring with the noble Elan Family crest: a black panther on all fours with a silver sword in its mouth against a split background half royal blue (hindquarters) and half crimson (forequarters).