Darek Halchov
Darek stands proud, if not incredibly tall, at approximately 5'8.  He's thin, with very little meat on his bones.  With a straight, sturdy jaw and an angular nose, his features almost seem to be carved from stone.  Hair brown and cropped short to fit underneath the grey cap he almost refuses to remove, his eyes are the color of acorns freshly fallen from a mighty oak.  His breeches are dusky grey and baggy, while his tunic, of the same color, fits tightly around the chest and arms before it flairs out underneath his sash.  To complete the ensemble, a stout pair of black boots adorn his feet, suitable for walking a thousand miles without so much as a sign of trouble.

On his side is a beautiful dagger, its handle exquisitely carved animal horn.  A thick walking stick stays in his hand, though he does not appear to need it, and he carries a leather pack on his back.