At an early age Melina knew she always wanted to be a Wise One. Early the spear called to her She beaame close friend with her spear Sister Raiel though her and later hey became near-sisters.  However not long after she was accepted in teh Far Dareis Mai long the Wise Ones took her away saying shed owe her clan her abilities and those were not with the spear.

In the Wise Ones hands Melina knew  knew her fate was sealed to be a Wise One  Soon Melina made her first trip to Rhuidean at the young age of sixteen. Now she is still an apprentice to the Wise Ones, and will hopefully one day become one of them.

Melina, being Aiel is quite tall when compared to normal women, 5'9", lean at 130lbs. She has golden red blonde hair down to her back, with sapphire eyes.