Dohr Veen
Fairly typical looking Kel Dorian for anyone outside the species. For a
fellow Kel Dor, Dohr Veen is clearly a member of one of the noble
families. His features are somewhat more refined and bone structure more
delicate than those of "commoners".

Dohrís skin is more a deep orange than red and his eyes lack the silvery
hue both his father and mother had. Without his armored
vest and robe it would be clear that Dohrís physique is not of the strongest
type. He is in fact a very thin and fairly weak even for a Kel Dor.

Dohr prefers to wear Dorian-made clothes whenever possible. But as such are
not often available, he usually buys cheaper (although always good quality)
copies instead. Currently he is wearing an fabulous deep blue robe with golden Kel Dorian rune decorations.

The necessary mask stays always on even if the atmosphere would allow Dohr to
breathe without it. He takes it off only when alone and inside an artificial
Dorian atmosphere.

To a casual observer it seems like Dohr Veen is unarmed. The only thing that
might pass for a makeshift weapon is his beautifully ornamented walking cane.
Due to his physique, the Kel Dorian doctor appears to really need the walking