Lin Daochi
A Pantoran female, Lin looks human save for the blue skin and bubblegum pink hair. She is slim and stands about 1.7 meters tall. Her accent places her somewhere around The Core. Known for a slightly mischievous demeanor, the reasonably pretty young woman is also a somewhat skilled when it comes to disguises. She can be found trying on various disguises on her off time, tinkering with computers or listening to transmissions, trying to gather intelligence on anything that goes around the Talons’ base of operations. She is also known for a mean hand in playing Sabacc and some skill in flying small spacecraft.

Her usual outfit is a pair of Corellian-style pants, a shirt and a vest. A DL-44 blaster pistol hangs on her waist, looking rather heavy for her slender frame, but she seems more than capable of handling it.