Cor Lambar
Cor looks like many of her kind.  She is on the short side of average - 1.6m tall - with the typical Umbaran pale skin and shadowed eyes.  She is entirely bald and dresses chiefly in leathers or soft cloth in very dark shades (black, extremely dark blue, tremendously dark red, etc).  She is inordinately pretty, with tilted eyes and angled features that combine with her pale skin to make her look hauntingly beautiful.  She's not, however, very good with people.  For an Umbaran, in any case.

Recently she has acquired some new piercings, amongst other things, following a set of adventures she had under Kota's command when she and the Talons went separate ways.

Most people outside the Talons have little or no knowledge of what Cor looks like.  She remains hidden away as often as she can.