Brig. Mark Sheppard
Mark is 1.75m tall and weighs 65kg.  He has short cropped black hair and is rarely seen not wearing a flight suit.  Whilst not a stickler for regulations he firmly believes in military discipline and the chain of command.  Many who initially join his squadrons find him rather strict until he gets to know them.  Respect is earned, not merely given by the General.

He can fly almost every ship there is.  When not on squadron business he spends much of his spare time in the simulators, on joy flights or planning new tactics.  A career soldier, he has few friends outside the military.


Wing Commander Mark Sheppard has served with the Chandrillan military for ten years.  Starting off as a transport pilot he worked his way up the ranks over a period of many years until he received command off his first squadron 2 years ago.

Renowned for his innovative ideas and tactics, Mark has received numerous commendations (and reprimands) for his radical strategies and ideas.

His latest was to from a new type of starfighter squadron, the Black Talons.  A group who was as skilled at covert operations as they were at piloting.  The Chandrillan military rejected his idea and Sheppard resigned his commission to join the Permellian Hydian Alliance.

Stationed aboard the Nebulon-B Frigate Indefagitable, Sheppard was assigned his old friend Zyra Jax to serve as his XO and Intelligence Liason.  He was given a handful of Z-95 Headhunters and a small support staff.