Mika Trake
Mika Trake is a slight, pale human woman.  A youthful standard years of age, she stands a bit over 1.5 meters tall and she tips the scales at something under 45kg.  Her eyes are dark and her face holds a winsome look.  Her hair is black, worn fairly short and rarely does it feel the touch of comb or brush.

   She currently favors dark gray coveralls, baggy and somewhat too large for her petite frame.  Her heavily scuffed boots are solid a serviceable, perhaps once being black.  Due to her work in engineering and in the maintenance crawlspaces, she's covered in grime and soot.

   When circumstances dictate, she wears a black gun belt, a blaster pistol slung low on her right hip with power pack loops along the back.  Strapped to her left thigh is a tubular housing for the stun baton she often carries.  The rest of her gear rides in a day pack usually slung over her left shoulder.