Einar Tamberskelf
Covered in heavy maille, bristling with weapons, and speaking plainly in a heavy Mercanian accent, Einar Tamberskelf is an ugly brute of a man.  Tall, thick set, and bearing several old scars, Einar is surprisingly nimble for a man of his size, a typical huscarl from Mercania.

Einar is known in the area as a reliable, competent, and no-nonsense warrior, who has recently served the local Thane.  Einar is typically employed to reinforce any group with some 'blunt force', as is the case with his current situation.  Einar is one of the many Mercadians who have 'settled' in Ellesland, in towns like Ulrikham, founded by his kinsfolk many years before.

Einar is no mindless thug though, capable of inspiring and leading men into battle.  A nasty facial scar is testament that Einar is battle hardened.

Einar Tamberskelf's Longaxe