Bernardo Chalco
Native trader and guide who will assist the expedition in reaching the inland portions of Angel Island. Not a man to be disregarded in matters of diplomacy with other native tribes or his bartering skills.

Aztecan descendant from Isla Tiburon whom Max and Maggie met during a misadventure during Maggie's first cruise aboard the Princess. After consuming a drink in which a rather raucous passenger slipped a mickey, Maggie went overboard and was luckily within swimming distance of Tiburon Island where she met Bernado. He was already able to speak fluent English owing to a Missionary who'd come to the island some years before and by the time Max and some of the crew were able to return, Maggie had made friends with a few of the other tribal folk who offered up stories of their legends and tips on where to get provisions such as food and water when the ship was running low.