Jack Tarquin Wylde
Jack Tarquin Wylde’s dark eyes seem to appraise and size up those he observes. His short dark hair and pencil thin mustache made him look on the cultural fringe and roguish, yet gentlemanly. He is tall, slender, and impeccably dressed in tailored suits. He projects an irresistible combination of dignity, warmth, humor, and insufferable smugness. To Jack, everything is just one big laugh in the midst of other people’s trials and tribulations.

Wylde is a martini-downing sleuth or shamus, who once served as an ace operative for the Trans-American Detective Agency, then went freelance during Prohibition. He is always the total gentleman in the positive, old-fashioned sense: superb posture, graceful moves, perfect diction, and impeccable manners. At home, the brass and jade is not always polished, but the gin is always cold. If you need to take a powder, or find a guy who won't back down, look up Jack.

The Icon for Jack, created for the LoGaS RPG game. Artwork by Dennis Darmody!