James Isaiah Goldfarb
James Isaiah Goldfarb: He hails from the great city of New York. He is rumored to be a businessman, recently arrived in Miami, both to relax and to look around for potential business opportunities.

 He is known to wear expensive clothing, dine at only the finest restaurants, and tip very generously. Always willing to pass the time of day, offer a handshake with a smile. The only black mark, in an otherwise good guy image, is a recent episode at the train station. When he first arrived,a Porter dropped one of suit cases,causing it to burst open and scatter shirts and trousers all over the platform. Despite the Porter's immediate attempt to apologize, Mr. Goldfarb grabbed the poor man by his lapels, and slapped him a few times. But as quickly as it happened, Goldfarb regained his composure, handed the Porter some money,then departed in a cab.