Archie Goodwin
Archie Goodwin is a good-sized man in his mid-thirties, taller than average and heavy set, though not fat. He dresses well, obviously off-the-rack, but not flashy, his clothing selected with care and well-maintained. He's usually in a light-brown or dark-blue suit and a straw fedora, always a neck-tie and polished shoes.

His face shows the effects of living where the sun is bright and there's always some wind. His light brown eyes are sympathetic and invite confidences. His mouth is usually curved in a sympathetic smile. His voice is low and soothing, with a bit of a rasp, and he speaks in an articulate manner, good diction and grammar, except when he gets angry or excited and then his Chicago speech patterns are apt to slip in.

He is pretty much a chain smoker, approaching two packs a day of Camels, which accounts for the gravel in his voice and the nicotine stains on his fingers.