Capt. Richard Maxwell Drake
Name: Richard Maxwell Drake
(He might go by Captain Max or Captain Drake, but not by Captain Dick or Richard)
Sex: M
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 150
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 30 Born January 23, 1895

Profession: Steamship owner/Captain. PS Gulf Princess. (Paddle Steamer)
Appearance: Rough and rail-thin.

Qualities and Abilities:
Well read and knowledgeable in obscure areas, from having plenty of time on his hands to read. Explorer, hunter, sailor, mechanic.

Weaknesses and Vices:
Tends to drink rum on occasion. He is cynical regarding politics and religion. He tends to needle people who irritate him.

Languages Known:
English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a smattering of French.

Max was born in New York City and he got the life-long love of sailing from his father. He left as soon as he was old enough. Max joined the Navy and learned how to repair engines and was a gunner. His father is Roy Earle Drake and mother is Leslie Anne Hopkins, who still live in New York.

He read voraciously throughout his life. He read the classics, technical books, and books about far away places, to become knowledgeable on everything he could study.

After he left the Navy, he went to San Diego to join his grandfather, Joshua DeForest Drake. Joshua wanted him to take over his Steamship import/export tourist business, the business that Max’s father had no interest in. Max inherited the PS Gulf Princess, the business, some outstanding bills, and a host of wild (as well as tame) Geoffroy's Cats that roam wild around the business that his grandfather brought in from South America to California.