Chimalli Tonauac
The caretaker from the Museum of the Conquistadors in Madrid, Chimalli (shield) Tonauac (the one who possesses light) feels very strongly that evil results if rituals are not performed every time the statuettes are moved and placed for display.

The leader of the "Order of the Moon"
And he is solely responsible for the care of the statuettes.
He carries an obsidian blade Tecuiciztecatl - (god of the Moon), the brother blade to Eztli's blade: Tonacacihuatl - lady of sustenance (goddess of the Moon)

Seven Nahuatl (Europeans call them Aztecs) female nude statuettes and their names:
Cuicatl - Song
Eztli - Blood
Huehueteotl - Sacred Fire
Ihuicatl - Sky (Air)
Meztli - Moon
Tlalli - Earth
Tlaloc - Water