Otomo Hajime
Otomo Hajime stands 5 ft. 10. with a solid, muscular build.  Born in 1100, he is currently 29 years old and he has kept himself fit through rigorous training (he wears the full daisho of a bushi).  He has dark black hair but he methodically shaves his pate so that his hair is very closely cropped, though he allows himself a neatly groomed goatee beard.  He has dark brown eyes that emit a piercing stare, assessing all around him.  He has the tanned complexion of one who spends a good deal of time outdoors.

Otomo Hajime wears the Otomo Family Mon on his back, he wears the Seppun Guardsman Bushi School Mon on his right shoulder (guiding his sword arm), he wears the Seppun Magistrate Mon on his left shoulder, and he wears the Emerald Magistrate version of the Emerald Champion's Laurel Wreath Mon over his heart.  He is dressed in the colors appropriate for an Imperial Guardsman, his weapons, armor, & equipment are maintained in immaculate condition.

Otomo Hajime has a stalwart bearing, carrying himself with dignified purpose and moving with determined gravitas.  He is alert and mindful of his surroundings.  He is courteous and polite, even to those he may privately disdain.  His eyes always seem to be assessing the situation, judging those around him (though never with malice).  He is clearly an experienced veteran of prior military campaigns and subtly displays the confidence that comes from not just surviving battle but serving with distinction.