Asahina Byako
At first glance Byako is attractive, in an exotic way, but none would say she is the most beautiful they have met. She has silvery white hair, light brown, almost amber, eyes, and pale, porcelain skin. Her kimono is silvery with printed patterns in shades of grey.  It carries only a single mon, a personal mon of Asahina Saturano, her deceased father, also in greyscale. She generally wears pale blue flowers and/or jewelry in her hair, as an obvious visual reference to her clan. She carries a rather unremarkable wakazashi, obviously merely a badge of her rank, and an elegant metal tine menhari-gata.

Byako truly shines, though, at the second glance. Her smile lights up the room, and her voice is that of a goddess. She has a meek, friendly bearing, which is difficult to resist, and a subtley exotic, animalistic manner that subconsciously draws men to her. While she is undeniably not the most physically beautiful, she could very well be the most charismatic that one would have ever met.