Kitsune Shoji
Kitsune Shoji is fairly unassuming to look at.  Dark hair and eyes fail to distinguish him, though a certain sharpness to his features allows him a feral feel.  He's quick to befriend, willing to grant even new strangers a trusting smile.  A healthy part of this confidence, though, is the knowledge that his older brother watches over him.

The large number of scrolls in his possession mark Shoji as a shugenja, as does the fact that he wears a wakizashi but no katana.  A larger blade, a no-dachi, is worn across his back less for defense against people, but more for the animals he trains.

Shoji is commonly shadowed by a red fox, Anzu. ("Apricot")  Aloof, she can often be spotted curled up in the corner of the room, eyes tracking her master.