Kitsune Daichi

Kitsune Daichi has never known what it feels like to be inconspicuous.  The giant draws attention no matter where he travels.  A block of muscle and sinew, it is rare for Daichi to fail to be the largest man in a room.

While he wears the mons of the Fox on his back, and the Kitsune on his arm, he sports a third mon on an iron band on his wrist - the Hida.  His daisho rests on his waist, in perfect condition.  The same cannot be said for the battered, beaten and well used dai tsuchi on his back.  Careful inspection would reveal deep gouges that couldn't have been caused by striking man, beast or oni.

Daichi is rarely separated from Shoji - his charge.  Even rarer still is any separation between Daichi and his pet Skikoku Inu, Tadashi.

Though there are no visible scars to explain why, Daichi doesn't speak.