Shiba Ikaji
Shiba Ikaji is an attractive and relatively well known young woman of the Phoenix Clan.  She wears a fine but subdued red kimono, with a large golden Phoenix mon on the back.  A fairly large Shiba mon adorns her right sleeve, representing the family she has joined, while a diminutive Asako mon rests on her left, reflecting her ancestry and sensei.  Possessed of a positive outlook and cheery demeanor, she is happy to share her knowledge with any and without pretense of superiority.

Ikaji is sticks out among the Phoenix as she is one of their few courtiers: not many of the clan bear the wakizashi, but neither katana nor scroll case.  To many she is known as a playwright and most especially for her dramatized histories.  To others, she is known as an expert in the eastern and northern Clans of the Empire and the histories of various Samurai lineages.  Finally, her late father also makes many aware of her: Asasko Jurin was a famed Phoenix Clan Magistrate, though a recently discovered text does throw some question on whether Jurin was as honorable a man as many previously thought.