Bayushi Kenshin
The otherwise non-descript Bayushi Kenshin can always be found in the colors of the Scorpion clan -- Black and Scarlet (aka "blood red"). The Mon are also always the same: Scorpion Clan Mon over his heart and on his back; the Bayushi Mon on the left shoulder, closest to his heart; and the Kakita Mon on his right shoulder, guiding his Sword.

Kenshin is short, but not quite short enough to be noticeable. His hair is the same off black that many, many Samurai have (but was quite rare in the Kakita Dojo). His eyes are a steel gray, however, which is somewhat rare in Rokugan.

His most identifying feature is his mask: he always wears a rather plain, full-faced mask with the character for Honor etched in gold. Sometimes the character is more subdued; sometimes it is more obvious (like most Scorpion, he has more than one Mask). But it is always there.

His posture is one of a Samurai that is well versed with the blade and the formal dueling rituals of the court. Those that know how to see such things can tell that Kenshin is genuinely honorable; but, being a Scorpion, means that he may sometimes be forced to do ... 'uncouth' things.

His wife is the former Seppun Shinobu. She is only now starting to get used to life outside of the Imperial Clans; no one trusts her except her former family (for no Seppun could ever betray their Emperor!). The Scorpion clan trusts her as much as they trust her husband -- which is to say "not much".