Kedo is a simple man, simply clad and simply equipped in the grays of a Ronin - curiously (to those minded to spend so much as a moment thinking of such things) his armour and his scabbards (for be bears both the Wakizashi of Samauri rank and the Katana that suggests he's also Bushi) are a natural gray (rather than hastily-painted over clan colours), whilst the plain and almost understated symbol of a 'family' Mon marks his equipment in a few places - the simple sign for 'Gate'.

 His own appearance is equally simple - of a little over average height he's gracefully lean and firmly muscled, suggesting a life of exercise and travel, as that of any true Bushi. Dark eyes and darker hair hint at his heritage, along with a skin that is ever so slightly tanned - indicating long weeks or months upon the road, if not more.

 He carries little, his bag small and light - to burden him as little as possible upon his journey, or because the winds of fate have been unkind - whichever hand holds the truth, that he has depths not fully explored at the first glance is apparent to any who look with eyes to see.

 Whether those depths are more worthy of exploring than the plain gray of his attire would suggest... that is as yet undetermined.