Mark Scully
Mark Scully is five feet eleven inches tall, with the lean, muscular frame of a man who is physically fit. His black hair is worn longer than military regulations would normally permit and his jaw is frequently covered by a short layer of stubble. He wears cold weather US woodland camo bdu's that are absent any distinguishing marks other than a lo viz U.S. flag on his left shoulder. In particularly cold weather he will don a Polish army issue parka in pantera camouflage pattern.

Over his fatigues he wears a flecktarn West German Moskito assault vest over a West German Army Splitterschutzweste Kevlar Vest in OD. The vest's various pouches appear to be stuffed full of different items, as do his pockets, and he wears a bandolier of 40mm grenades slung over his chest. An M1911 automatic pistol is in a drop leg holster worn on his right thigh and a USMC KA BAR survival knife is carried sheathed on his assault vest.

He has a US issue PASGT kevlar helmet with woodland camo cover, although in non combat situations the helmet will often be attached to his assault vest, with its place taken by a black ball cap with the logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers and he'll frequently exchange his fatigue jacket for a well worn black Helly Hansen fleece. He wears a Soviet made Vostok watch on his left wrist, and his most prized possession is a pair of Oakley sunglasses with ruby iridium lenses.

Primary Weapon:  G3A3 Battle Rifle w/ HK79 Grenade Launcher
Secondary Weapon:  M1911A1 Automatic Pistol

Master: Small Arms (Rifle)
Expert: Autogun, Grenade Launcher, Observation, Small Arms (Pistol), Small Watercraft, Swimming, Unarmed Martial Arts
Professional: Combat Engineer , Mechanic, Parachute, Scrounging, Scuba, Survival, Thrown Weapon, Tracking, Stealth
Competent: Electronics, Ground Vehicle (Motorcycle), Ground Vehicle (Tracked), Ground Vehicle (Wheeled), Instruction, Leadership, Medical (Trauma Aid), Persuasion
Novice: Medical (Diagnosis), Medical (Surgery)