Jelena Tamm
An Estonian woman in her late 30s, Jelena Tamm is a former radio/field telephone operator in the Soviet Ground Forces (equivalent to MOS 25C). Having deserted with three of her comrades, who have recently been killed, Jelena has recently got hold on some peroxide to alter her hair colour. Her Soviet-issue camo has been removed of all USSR related markings, with a small blue, black and white flag crudely stitched onto the left sleeve. Some might recognise this as the flag of the small nation of Estonia, but that was absorbed into the USSR sixty years ago, but not many.

When she speaks in her moderate level of English (acquired in her past life as a telephone repair person working for the Estonian branch of the Ministry of Communications, where she needed to read English technical manuals), she sounds Nordic.

She smells like someone who hasn't bathed for two weeks.