Craig Sutherland
Craig was born into an upper middle class family in Brighton. His father was a lawyer and his mother a teacher at the local high school. From an early age Craig wanted to join the military and when he witnessed the events of the Falklands war his mind was made up. Seeing the Royal Marines yomping their packs to Port Stanley during the conflict sparked something in Craig.

A couple of days later he enlisted at the local Royal Marines recruitment station. He always had the intention of going to officer’s school at Sandhurst but never got around to it instead concentrating on his NCO career.

His career progression was Recruit Training, Specialist Qualification level 3 (Reconnaissance Operator), Junior Command Course, Specialist Qualification level 2 (Mountain Leader), Royal Marine Sniper School, Senior Command Course, Specialist Qualification level 1 (Assault Engineer - Demolition), Advanced Command Course, Late Entry Officers Course Sandhurst.

Craig was close to retirement when he was offered a place on the Late Entry Officers Course at Sandhurst. This was more of a delaying action on the part of his CO then anything else. It looked like there was going to be conflict with the USSR and the Royal Marines needed all the experienced men it could get.

He served with 42 Commando through out the conflict and was involved in nearly all of their major battles. Craig was in the thick of the fighting in and around Warsaw in an Infantry Officer role. He took part in the last airborne drop undertaken by the RAF when they tried to insert Commandos to recce Russian positions in the city. The Herc he was on was hit by anti-aircraft fire and the front of the plane was sheered off. During the emergency evac Craig was one of only four commandos from a group of 38 to get out of the plane. His chute was damaged and his second chute only partially deployed and he hit the ground hard.

Breaking both legs Craig was taken in by refugee family who were leaving the fighting. Smuggled through enemy lines to an out lying village Craig spent the rest of the fighting trying to recuperate enough to rejoin allied lines. When this was not possible he stayed put repaying the family kindness by hunting and helping on their small farm.

Craig join the Barons forces to stop any retribution against the family that harbored him when they came “recruiting”.