Griet Niewiadomska
Physical:  5'9", 60kg, brown hair, blue eyes.  Though hidden by the uniform and made gaunt by scarce food, Griet is remarkable pretty though she takes some pains to mask it.

Clothing/Gear:  Griet wears battered and mended Navy summer combat uniform in camouflage.  Her uniform shows the Polish national flag on the right shoulder, the white over blue flag of Krakow on the left.  Her right arm bears the blue ORMO armband with the coat of arms of Krakow.  She carries Pact issue web gear, some of it blood stained and obviously removed from a casualty.  Instead of a helmet Griet wears a Chinese pattern cap emblazoned at the front with the coat of arms of Krakow.  Her weapon is an AKR with folding wire stock along with a holstered P64 at her right hip.

Background:  Griet joined the party when she was placed aboard the Wisla Krolowa by Porucznik (Lt.) Zewlakow of Krakow ORMO.  She was introduced as being a Chief Petty Officer in the Polish Navy before joining Krakow ORMO.  Her mission was to protect ORMO interests in the voyage and, if necessary, assume command from Old Adam.