Robert 'Tuck' Tucker
Robert Tucker, Tuck to his friends, is a caucasion male in his early 30's standing 5'10" and weighing in just at 185 lbs.

Tuck grew up on the Eastern Coast of the United States (New York State specifically) and was very active as a youth with his parents.  He grew up with two sisters and one other brother in a small town in the Catskills of New York, not to far away from the West Point Military Academy.

Tuck had entered the service as his father did during the Vietnam era and wanted to serve his family like he did.  His brother, Mike, also joined the Navy four years after Tuck went into the United States Army and finally into the 10th Mountain Division.

He found it very interesting with the climbing and skiing because he did a lot of that back home while he was growing up and whenhe went home on leave so to him, it wasn't like working at all sometimes.  Times had begun to change though with the crumbling world situation and nuclear strikes becoming more and more common as time went on.

Robert Tucker was a mild manner person before the war started and he took a lot of stuff fairly easy and let it roll down his back.  He soon became very hardened when his unit was rotated to Europe and soon enough to where the action was.  His unit was initially fairly successful and experienced very few losses and adequate victories.  Eventually, the loss of the lives of his fellow team members, and friends, began to take a toll on him (and everyone else in his unit).  Tuck has become more hardened combat veteran than he ever thought he would be and it saved him and quite a few of his friends.

Tuck is usually seen wearing his MOLLE Grenadiers vest full of 40mm shells and carries an M-203 mounted on your basic M-16A2.  In a holster on his MOLLE rig, the handle of a Browning HP (Original Browning made and assembled in Belgium!) and several other pouches stuffed with equipment.  He has a large duffel bag which is stuffed with gear and his MOLLE pack is much the same.

Tuck was badly wounded in Norway right before the redeployment in'97 and was evacuated to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. When he recovered, he was assigned to a general replacement pool and transferred to the 5th I.D. which was later destroyed at Kalisz.