Konrad Bayer
Konrad graduated from the Offizierschule in 1986 as a 21yr old Leutnant and was assigned to the 6th Panzergrenadier Division. He served here with distinction being promoted first to Oberleutnant and then Hauptmann when the war broke out and was given a Company Command. Konrads unit was amongst the first German units involved in combat and over the course of the next few years suffered heavy casualties with fewer and fewer replacements.
After the division was reorganised in early 1998, Konrad was assigned to a unit in the US 5th Mechanised Division as a liason officer due to his excellent English. He served alongside the Americans until his unit was over run in 2000 offensive and he was forced to evade capture and eventually made it to the city of Krakow.

Konrad's family and wife lived in and around the city of Nuremberg which was destroyed by a Soviet Nuclear Weapon in late 1997. He has heard nothing from them and has assumed that they are all dead. Konrad has buried his grief and become very pragmatic about his life and continued existence. He holds no grudges against the common Soviet soldier and intends to live his life as best he can in these circumstances.

Konrad stands relatively tall at 1.86m and has lost some weight over the past few years to be 82kgs at the moment. He would be described as athletic in appearance (he used to run marathons before the war) and fairly attractive. Brown Hair with Green eyes, he has a unit tattoo (6th Panzer) on his right shoulder.