Yvandel is a boy growing up into a man (OOC 18 going on 19 years old). He's never had any hardship in his life, only joy - at least till he started this adventure.

He's been performing puppet-shows from an early age on. The puppet he uses is a large (from top to toe it's about the size of a man's arm) wooden puppet. The right side of the puppet is colourful enough to bring a smile even to the most stubborn of people (he has a small set of paints to touch it up & keep it fresh). The left side of the puppet lacks any sign of colour and is completely made up out of black and white, sober enough to stop even the most joyful of people from smiling.

The puppet when used, sits on his left or right arm (whichever Yvandel feels like that day), but normally it hangs from his neck, where it contentedly watches the things happening around it.

Yvandel has become quite good at what he does: Ventriloquism. He can create sounds that seem to come straight from the puppets lips. And since he can move the lips of the puppet with his hand, he can create quite a show with his puppet - usually making it seem that the two halves of the puppet are different personalities speaking.

Yvandel was/is still quite naive and his main reason for leaving behind his hometown was that he felt that he had learned all he could from the town of Neverwinter. He wanted to travel and to see if there were more like him, other ventriloquists and entertainers that he could learn from.

His parents were supportive of his hobby, his passion, but as they were poor, they did not have the ability to pay for his travels. Yvandel thus planned to work for his money. His parents made him promise them that he would not travel alone. When he heard that some of his friends/acquaintances had resolved to form an adventuring group to "leave town and see the world" he offered to tag along.

Although he was startled a little at first, seeing them with all their weapons, he was able to bring a smile to their faces with his ready wit and skill with the puppet.

What was a secret to all when he first left Neverwinter, was that Yvandel was also an Illusionist. That is now common knowledge within the party.