Shae Shadowglen
Standing at 5’9” and her stature being amply female, Shae could never be mistaken for a full-blooded elf.  Long black hair, braided into rows, cascades over pointed ears that give show of elven heritage.  Two unusual cat-like yellow eyes peer out from underneath her slight brow and a large tattoo of a Mountain Ash leaf dominates her right cheek. A one inch tattoo of a baboon is also on her right bicep.

Shae wears a simple two-piece garment, that has a utilitarian look.  The bottom portion, a black leather skirt, reaches to just above her knees, with a large split up the out edges to give full range of movement.  A tattoo of a briar vine coils its way up out of her left boot, around her calf and along her thigh.  A black leather tunic covers her chest with two matching leather bracers secured to her arms. Two business like spears are strapped to her back, with four daggers, their hilts made of what looks to be bone, are sheathed into a wide leather belt.