Sir Floradine
Human paladin
Age: 25

Sir Ellid Floradine III

Sir Floradine III desires to become a paladin as skillful as his father, who was personal guard to the Baron of Ushgard before his untimely death. He is meek, yet brave, powerful, yet merciful. His humility is unsurpassed, as he feels himself unworthy of the presence of his companions. He hopes to someday acquire a holy sword and fight evil with a war horse at his side, the horse he is bound to by fate.

When he was younger, other children called Sir Floradine "The Floor" because any who stood up against him in a fight would soon find themselves on the floor. He has a weakness of falling into a trance and going into a rage during some battles. He loses control in battle sometimes due to berserker blood which has passed from generation to generation. As a paladin, this uncontrollable rage causes his soul much torment, and he is continually praying to be free of the disease to fulfill his role as a paladin.

Sir Floradine feels that the gods are punishing him, and that he must rectify his wrongdoings. As a young knight, he was given command of a group of henchmen and a squire by his father, but his training was still incomplete. All of the men, and the squire, were killed by some northland bandits who had teamed up with mountain ogres for an ambush. He fled for his life and was the only survivor. He feels he should have remained to fight for his men. He is tormented by guilt because he fled, and the others with him did not have horses, so they could not escape. It was winter, and he was lost in the mountains for two weeks. After exhausting all of his food, and with his horse dying in the blizzard, he did the unthinkable. He slaughtered his own horse and out of starvation ate his horse. He was rescued several days later by a search party sent by his father. After that, he left his father's service and joined the ranks of the paladins.

Sir Floradine is unsurpassingly strong, and few have the charisma he displays. Unfortunately, he is often stumped by the simplest problems and passion rules his life more than wisdom or knowledge.

     Long sword +1 (Lost to beholder-like creature--his father's sword).
     Improved mail, full armor
     Mail coif helmet
     Medium shield
     Currently using magical mace.

     Two-handed sword (given by Sir Alodar).
     Main-gauche dagger
     Parrying dagger
     Long bow
     Flint and steel
     Rations x3 (per week)
     Rope (50')
    Compass (from skeleton in IC5)
     Magical ring (which appears to be mass invisibility or invisibility with a certain radius) from IC5 (GROUP ITEM)

   Money: (1719.6 gp.-- kept in portable hole chest)