Saina Nanaret
(Note: as with traditional Old Dynastic conventions, 'Saina Nanaret' is last name first.)

Dusky with short black hair, Saina Nanaret has something of a wild, natural beauty to her. The sort that ought to be running free in the wilderness, not shackled to life as a captive of Five Coils.

She has served her time as a gladiatrix, providing entertainment for the citizens of Five Coils at risk of her own life. Fortunately, she is a swift, nimble fighter, and never complained of her fate while in captivity -- biding her time, perhaps, for the right opportunity to secure her freedom. She is craftier than she may first appear, and if not for the superior artifacts of Coils, she may have slipped away from their grasp long ago.

Nanaret's totem is a small, nocturnal monkey called an aye-aye. Usually considered a hideous, cursed little beast, her Lunar Exaltation lends an uncanny attractiveness to her totem form that defies expectations. In human form, she is a skilled martial artist, wielding hook swords with hands or feet as necessary. Her signature weapon, however, is a steel and moonsilver staff named Sixth Coil, crafted personally for her by Danae Adela, the third Clockwork General.