Broken Eternal
Broken Eternal is considered by many to be a fairy tale in Five Coils, a tale that rich royalists tell their unruly children to calm their insubordination, a tale of a blood thirsty assassin of peerless skill and determination.  To those who know of such things, he is not much more than a whisper, a forbidden topic punishable by death is approached without proper clearance.  The truth, however, is much more horrific than any rumor could construe.

When he is seen outside of the shadows he calls home, one can spy short and cropped black hair, blood red eyes, and the whisper of a pale-white face.  His movements are smooth and quick, without flaw and inhumanly graceful.  His build is strong and lean, that of a swimmer or acrobat, and is showcased nicely by the stark black leather that he wears.  Adorned on this dark suit are perpetually bloody, dingy skulls, on the knees of his boots, one on his shoulder, and two smaller ones fastening the tattered black cloak on his back.  Unlike the rest of his leather motif, the gauntlets covering his hands are a deep blood red, fading into true black at his elbows.