Danae Adela
Having a little freedom to run out on her own has simultaniously put a spring in this Chosen of the Dawn's step, while not doing a whole lot to help her 'Look' the part of an epic hero.  Her bright blonde hair isn't usually in the same neat bob that it was before, having grown out a little in the past month or so, and she's since replaced her old jumpsuit with a set of captured Ashigaru Armor--a slightly ill fit, as her short stature and slim build were rather different from the intended wearer--but the magic of artifice has wound up compensating for much of the difference.

She's lately replaced her old, rapidly degrading broadsword with Impeccable Spark, a strong orichalcum Daiklaive of only slightly larger proportions to her prior blade, often kept in a magnetized sheath to keep it sharp and stable when not in usage.  She will also still carry her reliable Firewand over one of her shoulders as well.

(The Left of the displayed picture was Danae as of the start of 'Escape from Five Coils', The Right will be her appearance in the (Relatively) near future)