Peleps Dashu
No city is without crime and Five Coils is no exception.  As such, their police force used Dashu as a criminal investigator.  The Dragon Blooded limited the use of his essence to solving crimes using a couple of investigative techniques and some defensive charms (due to the fact that dealing with criminals is dangerous  and they didn't want to loose a useful tool).  Upon his escape, he picked up a pair of sais and a fighting chain.

Dashu tends to be dark and slightly mistrusting of others.  Immediately after his Exaltation, he managed to elude being caught long enough to learn supernatural martial arts from the memories of his past life.  He very much wants to see freedom now and wishes the same for those he travels with, but anyone else he meets along the way will be met with skepticism.

Dashu is about 5' 10'' with brown hair which hangs down in long bangs.  He tries to remain clean shaven and cool under fire.  He wears a simple clothes in an attempt to look professional:  Brown pants, a white shirt, a blue jacket, and a pair of leather boots.