Miriam is a human woman, standing about 5'6" tall, with a slender figure, bordering on skinny.  Her most striking feature is her auburn hair, which is shot through here and there with streaks of pure white, particularly around the tresses that frame her expressive face, with its deep, dusky green eyes.  She favors somewhat non-traditional garb for a cleric of Pharasma, taking her color cues from the goddess' symbol rather than the usual black and silver, and so typically dresses in blue, gold and white.  A painted rendition of the goddess' symbol hangs from a chain about her neck.

When expecting danger, Miriam dresses in a bright mithril chain shirt and a matching shield, though the only weapon she ever seems to carry is a small dagger at her belt.  She typically brings great passion and energy to whatever cause she's currently engaged in, but the stresses and weights of the adventuring lifestyle sometimes seem to tire her a great deal.