Talis Revain
Talis is a little on the tall side, at an inch or two under six feet, with a thin build, blonde hair, and green eyes. He is dressed in red leather armor over grey wool clothes, with a small brown leather backpack over the armor. Hanging off the bottom of the backpack is a tightly rolled up wool blanket.
Talis has two visible weapons. One, a dagger, hangs next to a small pouch in his belt. The other, far more noticiable, is a thin, straight, two handed sword in a black wooden sheath carried in Talis's left hand, that he uses as a walking stick. A strap on the sheath allows the weapon to be carried across the back, though it would likely be difficult to draw from over the shoulder.
Over his armor and under his backpack, Talis wears a dark grey cloak.