This kid looks young.  He is full of the exuberance of youth and seems to vibrate off the walls if he tries to stand still.  Amazed by the turn of events in his life, he lives trying to fill every moment, to learn, to grow, and to win.  This is a dream of a thousand lifetimes, a million, no, a billion.  To be a select group out to rescue humanity, to protect it.  Screed never wants to stop and smell the roses.  He wants to destroy the world of the Matrix so he can grow his own roses.

Small and not so wiry, Screed is talkative and friendly.  He seems to be able to make himself look younger or older almost at will just by the way he carries himself and talks.  Don't play poker with him.

Items this Run:
Business suit (expensive)
Computer attache case (for weapons and extra clips/batteries)
second chance hardcorps system version that is concealable
Supra-Matrix Stealth

10 crash kits.
Pistol laser
pistol blaster
pistol stunner

Strength 9/9
Dexterity 15/15
Intelligence 14/14
Health 11/11

Fatigue: 11
CBP Fatigue: 11
Swing: 1d-1 Thrust: 1d-2
Speed: 6.5
Initiative: 7.00
Move: 6
Wounds: 11/11

CodeBreaker Skills
Focus - Speed 3
Sixth Sense Level 1

Active Defenses:
Dodge: 6 (8 with Sixth Sense)

Alertness Level 2
High Pain Threshhold
Combat Reflexes
Sixth Sense

MA Electronic Ops 14
PH Acrobatics 15
ME Comp ops 15
MH Comp Prog 13
PA Driving 15
MH Tactics 13
MA Holdout/Concealment 14
ME Scrounging 15
PA Stealth 17
MH Mathematics 13
MA Traps 14
PA Climbing 15
MH Diplomacy 15
MA Fast talk 14
MA Streetwise 14
MA Lockpicking 15
PE Jumping 14
PE Guns - SMG(+1 from IQ) 16
MA Shadowing 15
MA Search 16