Abby Edwards
Name:   Abby Edwards
Age:    17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Abby wears her long red hair in a ponytail, and thin-rimmed glasses frame her green eyes.  She usually dresses quite conservatively, in whites, tans or browns, but not so much as to stand out.  She's a little shorter than average for a girl of 17, with a lightly freckled face.

Background: All her life Abby has wanted to blend in, though her long red hair made it hard.  In adolescnce, she even began to get quite a bit of unwanted attention from boys.  Once she started consciously dressing and acting bland and uninteresting, most of the went away, and she was able to wait out the rest.  She's considered cutting her hair many times, but tells herself that changing her style woud just attract more attention.  Secretly, though, she's very proud of her hair that's been kept long ever since before kindergarten.

In the past few years, most of her attention has been spent on blending in.  She's not a straight-A student anymore, but she doesn't mind -- it's actually something of a relief.  She'll even often study without studying, staring at her books while her mind is elsewhere, lost in a daydream about a romantic fantasy novel she'd never let her friends catch her reading.  As much as she enjoys fantasy though, the prospect of real-life romance fills her with dread.

Preferred types of Transformation:  In no particular order, TFs I'd like to try:
-into a mythic or faerie creature like a nymph, faerie, or elf
-into a twin of another party member (who was possiby TFed from a guy)
-into a different racial or cultural group, including historical cultures
-light to moderate mental transformation or suggestion

Combining these is fine and encouraged, although variety is even better.  Two kinds of TFs I am not interested in are Female-to-Male gender change, and pointlessly grotesque changes.  Other than that, I'm willing to try most anything with specific interest in the above.