D Zhang
Name: D Zhang
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Appearance: Standing at around 5'8", with a frame that can be generously described as wiry.  He might be handsome if he exercised more and got outside more, but the long hours he spends in the studio are all too evident in his pale complexion.  He spikes his hair Warhol-style, but with streaks of bright primary colors.

Background: D was born Zhang Douyin to parents who immigrated to the United States from Taiwan the year before he was born.  His childhood was spent conforming to his parents' expectations of assimilation and success.  He had private tutors in academics, spent six hours a week in violin lessons, and what little free time he had was taken up by his parents' excursions to museums and the symphony.  The hard work paid off, and Douyin won admission to an Ivy League school.  Once freed of his parents' influence, however, he began to open himself to other possibilities.  He experimented with drugs, alcohol, and sex before he graduated, but his real passion lay in challenging everything he had built his young life around.  Renaming himself "D", he determined to become the master of his own destiny.  D discovered a love of the visual arts (always deemed a waste of time by his parents) and decided to try to make a go of it as a painter/sculptor.  He moved around among the arts communities of several cities, forming many relationships but making few close friendships.

Preferred types of Transformation (in rough order of preference): Gender, Mythological, Super-powers, Duplication of another, Size (bigger or smaller), Furry, Age Regression


D is currently Devanna Rejj, a half-celestial paladin.

Devanna is significantly taller and more fit than D, standing nearly 6'5" and weighing almost 200 lbs.  She is fair, with blonde hair, pale skin, and fine Nordic features.  Her apparent age is in her early 20's, but she might be far, far older.  She is toned and is even stronger than she appears, but she does not lack for womanly curves or grace.  Devanna has the moves of a dancer, all the more alluring since she does so with absolutely no-self-consciousness on her part.  A glow seems to radiate from her at all times.  The aura is not exactly light, but a feeling of goodness and purity that soothes all those who walk with her.

Devanna wears only a close-fitting white tunic and a short skirt, trusting in her divine aura to protect her from harm.  She keeps her lustrous golden hair tied back in a ponytail when she is expecting action, letting it flow freely about her shoulders at other times.

Most unusually, Devanna has a pair of large white feathered wings that spring from her back.  These usually lie flat against her back when she is on the ground, but she will ruffle them when she is upset or excited.